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lawn bowls, verwood, dorset, social club, clubhouse

Making an old Tennis Club hut into a clubhouse 1952

Verwood Bowling Club was formed in 1920 at the current site in Moorlands Road (formerly Highfield Road) with 3 rinks and ground sharing with Verwood Tennis Club. The number of rinks and the Club facilities restricted affiliation to the major local bowling associations as the Club ground did not comply with their standard. This meant that league play was very sparse and even home friendly games were hard to organise. However, the club continued to flourish and progress membership support even throughout the war years.

lawn bowls, verwood, dorset, social club, clubhouse

Portakabin® clubhouse arrives 1986

In 1986 Verwood Tennis Club vacated the ground and the Bowling Club was able to extend the green to 6 rinks. Members undertook all the ground work and site preparation and Portakabins® were installed to provide the clubhouse and changing rooms.

The cost of this work is recorded as being £12,000, with the money being raised by members helped by grants from The Sports Council, Dorset Playing Fields Association, Verwood District Council and Verwood Parish Council. The Club also received a generous donation from the Verwood Carnival Committee.

In 1987 further improvements to the ground including a new toilet block enabled the club to succeed in bringing major local league bowling to Verwood. The Club went on to become affiliated to the Dorset County Bowling Association (now Bowls Dorset), the Bournemouth and District Women's Bowling Association and the New Forest Bowling Association. This considerably raised the profile of the Club bringing teams into Verwood from Hampshire and Dorset to play in league and cup competitions. In time this also attracted a number of visiting touring teams from outside of the county wanting to play friendly matches enhancing the Club's profile even more.

lawn bowls, verwood, dorset, social club, clubhouse

New clubhouse almost finished 1996


In 1996 funding, again raised by members, and helped by grants from Dorset Playing Fields Association, Verwood Town Council, East Dorset District Council and The Foundation for Sport and the Arts, enabled the Club to construct a purpose built clubhouse incorporating changing rooms, toilets and a kitchen.

This is recorded as costing £60,000 which demonstrates the progress the Club made in a short period of time.

The clubhouse again helped to raise the profile of the club with space and facilities to provide visiting teams with after match refreshments and a comfortable shelter from the weather when required. It also helped to promote more social activities outside of competitive bowling helping to bond the membership and helping cement the culture of the club.

The Club members continued to undertake all the maintenance work and in 1999 a permanent green keeper was appointed and Verwood now boasts one of the best greens in Dorset.

lawn bowls, verwood, dorset, social club, clubhouse

NFWBA Winners 2011, 2012 then again in 2013!!


The Club has a total of 10 teams competing in various leagues in Dorset and Hampshire, 6 men's teams and 4 women's teams. The Club currently has 84 playing members plus 43 social members and 4 honorary life members. We are currently looking for additional playing members, particularly those with experience, in order to enhance our team selection opportunities. Please go to the Contact Us page if you would like to make an enquiry about membership or if you would like more information about our Club.

The Club has had many team successes over the years including our women's team who won promotion to Division A of the New Forest Women's Bowling Association league (2013) finishing as winners of Division B.

lawn bowls, verwood, dorset, social club, clubhouse

NFBA Winners 2014, shields presented by NFBA President

This complimented their success in the previous seasons (2012 & 2011) when they finished winners of Division C (2012) as well as finishing winners of Division D in the previous season to that (2011). This is the first three consecutive season division winners recorded by the club.

Last season (2014), it was the turn of our Mens' teams to have some success with both or our New Forest Bowling Association teams finishing as Champions of Division 3 and Division 5 respectively.

2017 B&DWBA Ladies Promoted. Remain 2nd after defeat at Blandford

2017 The B&D Ladies team have secured 2nd place in their division and will be promoted to Div D next season. They remain in 2nd place after a 2 rink defeat to Blandford who finish as Champions of Division E. Both Verwood and Blandford had it all to play for on the last game of the season but Blandford came out as worthy winners of the game and the League title after beating Verwood by 2 rinks to nil and 46 shots to 29. Jane Roberts said "I was so glad it was all over. It was an on / off very wet afternoon and we didn't perform well".

Well done Verwood!! you gave it your best shot, enjoy your promotion.

2017 Verwood are B&D Saturday Triples League Champions of Section 1

In the B&D Saturday Triples league, our mixed triples team have been on or near the top of the league all season with an early contest competing against New Milton 'C', and recently Argyll 'C' who had a fine run of results toward the end of the season. It all depended on the last game of the season with Verwood only 3 points behind Argyll 'C' and both teams playing away. Argyll 'C' played against Richardmond Park 'A' and lost 39 - 35 shots therefore picking up only 2 points. with Verwood having an emphatic 20 - 50 shots win over their opponents New Milton 'B', Verwood have won the championship by 1 point.
Well done Verwood !! winners of the 2017 B&D Section 1 Saturday Triples League.

NB: "Only two teams scored more than 70 points in either Division (Verwood and Argyll 'C'). Despite the closeness of the points total, Verwood's Shot Difference was 182 compared to Argyll's 99. The Saturday League is the only area of expansion within the B&DBA having gone from 28 teams last year to 35 this year." - Mike Gerrard

2017 Verwood Finish 3rd in Div 2

Our B&D Division 2 Mens team have held on to 3rd place, although Ferndown beat Branksome Park the latter pick up 3 points keeping them in second place with Ferndown crowned as Division 2 Champions.

It was a very creditable finish to the season all considered and with our new members getting some good league experience everything looks good for next year.





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lawn bowls, verwood, dorset, social club, clubhouse